About Bella Vita Salt Caves

Bella Vita’s mission is to introduce alternative methods to healing ailments and to focus on inner love through meditation and art.

Our Ribbon Cutting

On November 12th, 2021, Bella Vita Salt Caves cut the ribbon. After working with Barry Kirkoff from St. Cloud State University Business Center for 5 years, Bella Vita finally cut the ribbon representing a huge accomplishment.Bella Vita first brought a very rough draft of a business plan to the Business Center in 2016. The plan was to build a $750,000.00 healing resort. Barry, his very talented staff, and myself worked on the plan for 5 years. After countless revisions and being told, “that won’t work”, we finally got to looking for the perfect building November 2020.

Bella Vita found it’s perfect home in April 2021 right here in the heart of Downtown St. Cloud. After 7 months of building and planning and a huge team of builders, creators, and brains, we were finally ready to open to the public.

I want to thank everyone who helped put together the ideas of Bella Vita and all the supporters. Also thank you for your continued support as we grow!

Bella Vita is a proud member and supporter of the Salt Therapy Association

My Story

When owner Chrystina Piecek was 11, she met the man who would eventually become her father, and this is where the road to Bella Vita begins.

Chrystina and her adoptive father grew an incredibly tight bond that remained steadfast until his passing in 2016. While dealing with addiction in her early 20s, Chrystina’s father fought a battle of his own. For years he had been prescribed pill after pill to help with rheumatoid arthritis and PTSD from his time in Vietnam. After years of medicating himself, he was suddenly pulled off of his prescriptions, which eventually led him to take his own life. The pain was just too much.

After her dad’s unexpected death, and while navigating through her own recovery, Chrystina began learning about alternative therapies for overall health and healing. As she learned about the power of these practices and better ways to fuel her body, she began to love herself again.

She has spent the last ten years overcoming her demons, digging deep into her faith, and going on an adventure of self-love. Through this process, Chrystina came across Dry Salt Therapy, and the benefits have been life-changing. While she believes there is a time and place for Western medicine, she has seen firsthand the power of holistic health and has made it her mission to spread that message.

By bringing Bella Vita Salt Caves to the Central Minnesota community, Chrystina hopes to help others like herself and her dad as they cope with physical and mental ailments through dry salt therapy, meditation, art, and more. 

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