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Sound Bath w/ Singing Bowls

Enjoy a 60 minute sound bath using crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and a crystal pyramid. This service enhances meditation, yoga, and prayer. Techniques will be used to break up negative energy and bring positive energy in. All while sitting in our beautiful cave.

Body Transitional

Struggling with an injury, illness or pain?
Looking for relief or answers to body symptoms – and not finding any?

Come find out what’s REALLY happening with a Conscious Body Language Translation!
Our subconscious (feeling world) communicates through our body, “talking” to us every moment. Pain, discomfort, even “accidents” are all signals from our subconscious coming up for our awareness. Through a Conscious Body Language Translation we can use body signals to find old, sabotaging subconscious patterns, and move the energy to reclaim ease in our body!
Individual translations will be completed during the session for those that choose. This is a FREE session; RSVP requested for seating. Bring a friend and let’s play!

Word Power

Do you try to “think positive” or make changes in your life, and still find yourself in the same old, sabotaging patterns?
Words create our reality because words create feeling. Our subconscious (feeling world) is our superpower creator and takes literal direction from our thoughts and words. In this dynamic session we will find the subconscious thought and word “codes” we took on when we were young, and discover the simple, practical tools to translate those codes into our new, highest choices. When we reclaim the power of our thoughts and words through feeling, we open pathways to IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT shifts in our reality!
Individual translations will be available during the session for those that choose. This session is free; RSVP requested for seating. Bring a friend and let’s play!

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