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Specialty Classes

Sound Healing Bath with Crystal Bowls 

Enjoy a 60 minute sound bath using crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and a crystal pyramid. This service enhances meditation, yoga, and prayer. Techniques will be used to break up negative energy and bring positive energy in. All while sitting in our beautiful cave.

Crystal bowls played by Camryn Jopp.

Holy Restorative Yoga

Holy Yoga is a Christian Spiritual Practice of body alignment, breath work, and centering on God. Engaging Scripture, prayer, meditation, movement, worship and other uplifting music, we create space in our minds, bodies and souls for God. If you have ever considered the powerful and proven benefits of practicing yoga but have been apprehensive about the intent or even ‘not being fl.exible enough’, Holy Yoga is an amazing opportunity to connect with God, yourself, and your community.

Yoga class led by Nicole Neumann.

More Classes Coming Soon!

Yoga Infused with Reiki

This class will combine the healing element of Reiki with the movement, breath and postures of yoga. You can expect a slower moving, intentional practice infused with the Reiki energy from Celeste, Reiki Master and yoga teacher from Shanti Yoga Center in St. Cloud, MN. Celeste will also bring into the practice her professional work with music and sound, integrating her tongue drum during meditation. Enjoy this amazing class in the presence of the salt caves, infused with their natural energy and light. 

More Classes Coming Soon!

Creative & Healing Workshops

Empath Workshop

Struggling with an injury, illness or pain?
Looking for relief or answers to body symptoms – and not finding any?

Come find out what’s REALLY happening with a Conscious Body Language Translation!
Our subconscious (feeling world) communicates through our body, “talking” to us every moment. Pain, discomfort, even “accidents” are all signals from our subconscious coming up for our awareness. Through a Conscious Body Language Translation we can use body signals to find old, sabotaging subconscious patterns, and move the energy to reclaim ease in our body!
Individual translations will be completed during the session for those that choose. This is a FREE session; RSVP requested for seating. Bring a friend and let’s play!

Meditate & Paint Workshop

A blend of meditation & art making intended to help you tap into your innate creative energy. An exploration of creative expression without judgement or attachment to outcome. We focus on the process, which is relaxing, creative, freeing, & fun.

Workshop Coming Soon!

Empath Workshop

Shanti teacher and Reiki practitioner Celeste Yeats will share tools and training to better understand, embrace and even leverage life as an “empath”, or someone prone to soaking up and internalizing the energy and emotions of others. Using personal experience and research, Celeste will teach attendees how to separate their feelings and emotions from those around them and better manage their sensitivity superpower.


Workshop Coming Soon!

Treat Yourself to a Healing Day at the Caves!

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