Additional Services

Bella Vita strives to provide services that help us disconnect from the chaotic world we live in, even if only for a moment. When we take a few moments during our workday to wind down we are more present and productive. Stress is the leading cause of many health issues. Disconnecting for a few moments everyday can help boost our immune system and heal our bodies.

Energy Healing Facilitator & Intuitive Bodyworker - Danielle

Have you ever felt like something has a hold on you? Are you unlucky, or seem to attract the same types of people or circumstances? Are you looking for a powerful way to support and amplify the healing work you’ve done? What would your life look like if this pain wasn’t holding you back?

You don’t need to simply manage symptoms or just try to push through. You can release your physical and emotional issues at their root cause. When you are open to the unseen parts of yourself and the world we live in, there is nothing that can’t be healed! If you ever thought that there is more out there for you,
I’m Danielle, and I’d love to help you:

  • End toxic thought and behavior patterns (addiction, relationship dynamics, fears)
  • Alleviate illness, pain, & other physical symptoms
  • Discover your purpose & support you on your path
  • Gain freedom from patterns of lack & scarcity (money, health, love)
  • Explore your spirituality & open up to Universal Love
  • Release yourself from the effects of conscious and suppressed trauma

Reiki Master - Jenni

Who’s the girl behind the Dragonfly?

Hi! My name is Jenni and I am the owner of Dragonfly Wisdom Intuitive Healing. From the time I can remember, I’ve felt “different” and “other-worldly,” and made for realms other than this physical plane. Spirit began communicating with me from a very young age; filling me with a yearning to connect with Source and the Highest of Powers. It wasn’t until my Mother passed away in 2015, that this yearning turned into a fire that has been steadily building ever since.  2 years ago I finally made the conscious decision to explore my Spirit-given gifts. Since then, I have received Attunements in Usui Holy Fire Reiki and started practicing Energy Healing. I am currently on my own Soul’s journey to healing and through this, know that my purpose is help others find their own Light and begin to heal themselves.
I’ve begun practicing Channeled Writing, connecting with my Higher Self to strengthen my Telepathic abilities and aim to continue to add to the modalities I can offer others. I believe in the power of positive thoughts and their ability to transform our lives! I hope through this experience, I continue to meet new people and grow my Soul Tribe, one connection at a time. Please feel free to reach out me, with any questions you may have. I hope to hear from you soon.
Light, Love and Peace, my friends. 💜

Breathing & Meditation Techniques

Let us come to where you are and guide your group through a meditation or a breathing practice. Studies show that taking time throughout the day to mediate or intentionally breath can increase prodectivity and decrease stress.  

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